Meeting Tarot

My first meeting with Tarot – by Javanna

More than 30 years ago a friend showed me her Tarot cards, and I clearly felt that there was an invisible connection between me and the cards, but I told no one about it. 

Soon after a deck of cards was given to me as a present, following the old Tarot reading tradition which implies that the cards find their way to a reader when the time is ripe. Ready or not, as soon as the beautiful wooden box was opened and the cards laid out on the silk cloth I was asked to use them in actual practice. Then I realized that the symbols on the cards spoke to me when I looked at them, and often I had a clear feeling that my consciousness connected to a more collective universe.

I actually experienced the presence of a helping force in the room when I laid out the cards. The energy of the room became denser and my consciousness more alert – but at the same time more blurred, just like I had experienced it as a child, and the recognition made me feel completely safe.

Graduately I have learned to see this density as a sure sign that an important message is coming; a message of the kind that sinks deeper within us and is remembered.