Javanne Tarot books

Javanne Tarot 1. edition,  2005
Artist- Annelie Zofia
Author- Javanna Jordell


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In Javanne Tarot images and words together create a magical synergy, and the messages of the Book of Readings thus are especially clear when you decide to use the book before picking a card.

If you wish to read the cards without using the book it may well happen that your intuition chooses something entirely different  for you.

The creation of the Book of Readings – by Javanna

It was wonderful to write the texts of the Reading Book that accompanies a deck of Javanne Tarot cards. I had no desire to write a new book, but when the paintings were finished they began talking to me, particularly evident when the artist turned the rectangular pictures to see them from several different angles.

One by one the messages of the Reading Book were “downloaded” to my consciousness. The symbols in the upper sections became luminescent and started talking to me, while the others were more quiet.

The cursive sections of text in the Reading Book describe a more general symbolism.
Sections of normal text elaborate on more personal matters

Other books by the authors:
Artist- Annelie Zofia
Author- Javanna Jordell
  • Between Worlds, 1. edition, 2000 
  • On the path, 1. edition, 2007 

“Between Worlds” describes the 22 cards that form the spiritual world view of Tarot.
“On the path” describes the 56 cards that form the long pathway of life in Tarot.

My desire to find my own wisdom was apparently so strong that my subconscious most often put a protective cloak on the words when I tried to read the books on Tarot by other authors.

The content of the first two books has been accumulated over time. A particular insight suddenly  brightened my mind, and it remained there until I had committed it to paper. Countless times I had to get off my bicycle or to stop in my tracks to write down a thought.