Draw cards

The drawing program was opened up on this site on May 10, 2013; we are delighted to make it available to the public – and to you – for your inspiration.

Tarot is a conversation with ourselves! About something changing in the outer or in the inner world. When you look at the card while reflecting on the answer you may experience that words and images form an inspiring totality.

  • Tarot cards are not an answer book but an inspiration. It is important that you take responsibility for the way you view the cards and the way you use the answers in the texts.
  • If it is difficult to understand the answer, the reason may be that you are asking something you already know deep down. The test could be to have faith and trust in it.
  • Another reason could be that the answer will emerge naturally in your life when the time is right. Ask yourself: is it a desire for control that makes you want to know the answer from the beginning? Try to be aware in the here and now, and be faithful towards yourself.
  •  If for some reason you feel like asking the same thing several times in a row, the answers may end up creating confusion rather than clarity.