Javanne Tarot

Javanne Tarot is a unique quality product which can be used both by beginners and advanced users.

The images are on a high level of artistic accomplishment, and the Book of Readings contains 119 pages of concentrated wisdom. The number and names of the cards are the same as in traditional decks, but what is unique about Javanne Tarot is their quadratic shape, which gives each card:

4 directions – 4 positions – 4 answers

These four dimensions show you where the focus is right now:

  • Feelings, sensations, heart consciousness
  • Sensning, impulsivity, the energy to act
  • Intellect, knowledge, memory
  • Experience, physical needs, self realization

If you wish to do the Tarot reading yourself, the four directions of the card can be used to achieve a more nuanced reading.  

Javanne Tarot has stepped out of the medieval shadows, and a good balance has been achieved between masculine and feminine forces in the symbol world of the cards. This balance, we feel, is beneficial for people of the present age.