To read tarot

By Javanna

Tarot pictures “talk” to us in an imagery which may seem a bit like a fairy tale, but which can be recognized and communicated with by our subconscious – even long after the cards have been put aside, but what is most amazing about them is that they can still tell us something new every time.







Many people experience that the images in Javanne Tarot cards “awaken” when there is an urgent need for help.

Tarot can bring you inspiration, eye-opening experiences, take you beyond everyday life and conventional thought, and change your world view. You may linger with the expressions and the energy of the symbols, sense the magical aspects of life, look inside as well as out, and experience other dimensions within you. 

The skill to read the symbols of the Tarot cards is an ancient craft. As with other crafts certain people seem to have been born with the ability to read the cards, but everybody can gain more knowledge and experience.







Tarot has often been linked to mysticism. It is only natural to feel a need for a special atmosphere when the cards are read, and the reason may be that it helps you let go of the mundane and direct your awareness towards intuition.

Little rituals serve the same purpose. While the cards are shuffled you can let go of your thoughts. After they have been laid out you may close your eyes and meditate for a moment until you are ready. Maybe you can focus on your breathing, until you feel a calm energy inside.

According to an ancient custom Tarot cards are kept wrapped in silk. The reason is that silk preserves the spiritual energy that is added to your cards by using them. 







Tarot cards is not an answer book but a source of inspiration. It is important that you take responsibility for the way you read and use the answers that you receive.