To paint a Dream

The unique Javanne Tarot cards are the product of an old dream about creating Tarot cards for the contemporary age. The dream was forgotten, then it reappeared, and the cards were drawn up. 

Javanna’s dream

In the middle of a room is an old wooden table. Its surface has become worn down to the extent that the lines of the wood look like grooved sand. I am sitting at the table, and I sense a woman across from me. I vaguely percieve a velor dress, and I can hear the faint sound of jewelry when she moves.

The woman places a moss green cloth on the table. The color is similar to the clearing in the pine forest where as a child I was ‘reading’ the clouds above me. Silently she fans out a number of worn-out Tarot cards full of unknown symbols. They speak to something in my intuition, telling me that the time is ripe to connect old symbols to new ones.

The dream concludes with the woman quickly shuffling the cards in a way that allows me to glimpse the 22 major Tarot cards. They have symbols in the corners and one in the middle, reminding me of the Wheel of Destiny in the cards I already know. Then I wake up and write down the dream. 

Much later I met with Annelie, and when the first one by one meter painting of the Magician was hanging on the wall I suddenly remembered my dream. The painting was square, had symbols in the corners and a general symbol in the centre. In that instant I realized that Annelie’s creative subconscious was connected to the dream, and that it was going to be turned into reality.

Ever since the first decks saw the light of day, time has been on our side. A new awareness has arisen, and now Javanne Tarot is ready to meet the world via the internet.